sorp|tion «SRP shuhn», noun.
1. = absorption. (Cf.absorption)
2. = adsorption. (Cf.adsorption)

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  • ab|sorp|tion — «ab SRP shuhn, ZRP », noun. 1. the act or process of absorbing; a taking up and holding: »A paper towel dries up spilled milk by absorption. In the absorption of light rays by black objects, light energy is changed to heat energy. 2. Figurative.… …   Useful english dictionary

  • ad|sorp|tion — «ad SRP shuhn, ZRP », noun. 1. the process of adsorbing; condensation of gases, liquids, or dissolved substances on the surface of solids. 2. the condition of being adsorbed …   Useful english dictionary

  • chem|i|sorp|tion — «KEHM uh SRP shuhn, ZRP », noun. adsorption in which a single layer of molecules is held with great strength to a surface by a chemical bond. ╂[< chemi(cal) + (ad)sorption] …   Useful english dictionary

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  • self-ab|sorp|tion — «SEHLF ab SRP shuhn, ZRP », noun. absorption in oneself or one s own thoughts, affairs, etc …   Useful english dictionary

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